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"My overall impressions of  the training is excellent. The instructors put much effort in providing the trainees everything necessary to learn, the locations and proximity to the water is perfect"

"Overwhelming satisfaction in the class."

"the training will be applied immediately to our job, the developed rapport between Malaysian, Indonesian and Philippine participants will enhance and develop more positive interaction between law enforcement agencies."

"[The subject matter taught allowed} me to develop specific strategies for the investigation of all situations in the marine environmental scene."

"The facilitators were great and each of them made it a point to make us feel that they want us to learn."

"I have learned new techniques on how to collect and preserve evidence that can be used for prosecution. The instructors are all subject matter experts in the areas they instructed."

"The field exercises were very close to reality and very helpful in terms of procedures and skills."

"My impressions are very high due to the way the training [was conducted] learning by doing."

"[My favorite subject was]investigations dealing with environmental degradation, through this learning we can protect the world from thoughtless abuse and in my own little way benefit future generations."

"The days were all productive with no boring moments, the instructors were innovative and delivered the training with passion."

"The class helped us build a network of investigative and law enforcement contacts."

"I was expecting this to be like other seminars where the participants just sit and listen but was surprised that  it was workshop learning and turned out to be fun, this was the best workshop for me."

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